Product Information

Ginseng Chews are currently available in the following packaging:

  • Ginseng Chew 12 Pack Recloseable Poly Bag
  • Glass Display Jar holding 72 Ginseng Chews
  • Ginseng Chew Bulk Bag of 144 (Fills Glass Jar 2 times)

Ginseng Chew 12 Pack This Ginseng Chew 12 Pack is the newest packaging. It is small and easy to carry in a bag or purse. It can be resealed. Each Ginseng Chew is individually wrapped for freshness.
Ginseng Chew 12 Pack This popular glass display jar is perfect for either sampling to customers or for selling as individual Ginseng Chews, It holds 72 Ginseng Chews.
Bulk Chew Pack For bulk sales, this is the best way to purchase the refills of the bulk Ginseng Chews. Usually these are purchased to refill the Glass Display Jar. Each bag will fill the Glass Jar 2 times.