How to Order

Ginseng Chews are available for both Retail and Wholesale customers.
Individuals wishing to purchase Ginseng Chews at retail pricing can order directly by choosing from the selection of Retail Packages on this website. We recommend that retail customers contact local stores to ask them to carry the Ginseng Chews.


Ginseng Chews are a natural fit for many types of stores. We highly recommend for:

  • Natural Food Stores
  • Coffee Shops (Remember they are great in coffee and tea and are a great snack.
  • Fitness Centers
  • Convenience Stores


If you are a store wishing to carry the Ginseng Chews, please contact us at We will need to see some documents to get started:

  1. Copy of Business License /Retail Sales License
  2. Credit References if Net 30 Billing desired.
  3. Bank Reference information.

We will provide you with the best pricing options. Generally, there are good savings on freight with larger quantity orders.


Since we ship small quantities in the USPS Flat Rate Boxes, we find the following option work best:

  • 3 Bulk Bags of 144 and 12 Ginseng Chew 12 Packs (Large Flat Rate Box)
  • 3 Bulk Bags of 144 (Medium Flat Rate Box)
  • 24 Ginseng Chew 12 Packs (Large Flat Rate Box)
  • 100 Ginseng Chew 12 Packs (UPS Ground) Good for multiple stores with one central distribution point.

Please inquire as to pricing.